Frequently Asked Questions

1Is a shower filtre really necessary?
Borewell / Ground water or Water stored in underground or overhead tanks is highly contaminated with physical, chemical and biological impurities. Just because we do not drink this water, we are not safe from its harmful effects. Install a shower filtre in your bathroom right away to protect your families from many harmful diseases. Refer our website for more information.
2Can we drink the water coming from the Shower & Tap Filtre ?
Niti Pure™ STF Shower & Tap Filtres are designed for purifying water for having baths, showers, brushing teeth, plant and pet care only. These filtres are not designed to reduce TDS levels in water. These filtres are specifically designed to reduce harmful effects of chlorine and hardwater salts. High TDS levels does not affect usability for showers or brushing. Water with high TDS are not suitable for drinking.
3How often should I change the cartridge?
NITI PURE™ – 12 Stage Cartridges are designed to 􀃶lter approximately 45,000 L, which is roughly 4 to 6 months with an average of 1 to 2 showers a day. However, if your usage is more or if you live in an area where the water quality is bad or has high sediment contamination, the mesh might get clogged sooner and might need a replacement earlier. Don’t forget to give a missed call on 9595 130 130 to register your product and for setting a reminder alert for filtre change.
4What should I do if the water flow is reduced from the Tap / Shower ?
The water pressure reduces mainly for 2 reasons. (a) The filtre is clogged before its life time due to high sediment content in the water. In such cases, clean Filtre through a reverse flush process. (b) If filtre has not been used for a prolonged period, lumps can form in filtre elements. Gently shake the filtre to loosen lumps & clean filtre through a reverse flush process. But even after you follow this process and the flow does not improve, then the filtre needs to be replaced.
5How to clean to Cartridge? / What is Reverse Flush Process ?

Whenever the flow of water reduces in a perfectly working filtre, within the fliter’s normal lifespan,  it might be clogged due to heavy sediment contamination in water. This needs to be cleaned by a Reverse Flush Process.

Open the Filtre Outer shell carefully by following the steps in the replacement process.

  • Take out the Filtre Cartridge and place in a reverse fashion/ up-side down fashion with the filtre mesh facing the out-flow side.
  • Assemble the filtre back and fix it back to the pipe / tap. /
  • Move out of the way of the water flow and open the tap to let the water flow out. You will notice the grey water will flow out for a few minutes, cleaning all the sediments / impurities out of the filtre.
  • Once clean water starts flowing out in a few minutes, stop the water flow.  Take out the Filtre shell and place the Filtre Cartridge in the right way up, with the Filtre mesh on the top / towards the water inflow.
  • Install the Filtre back on to the Shower / Tap and enjoy clean water.

This process can help in extending the life of the Filtre Cartridge if cleaned once every 30 -45 days.

6Where can I buy the replacement cartridge?
Replacement cartridges are easily available on leading ecommerce platforms and our retailer partners and also on the website :
7 Are there any ingredients that can cause allergy?
All ingredients in the filter are completely safe and are not known to cause any allergy. However, if you develop any allergy, discontinue use of the product and immediately consult a doctor.